Get alerts via discord, email, slack, or telegram when your dYdX account is in danger!

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dYdX Alerts Technical Documentation

What is dYdX Alerts?

dYdX alerts is a free, noncustodial tool for you to get alerts before your dYdX position is liquidated. All software is open source, and the alert bot runs on users’ systems (rather than on a centralized platform). This requires that users run their own bot, for which we recommend using a cloud service provider. The bot requires negligible system resources and can be run using a free-tier on most cloud platforms; we recommend using DigitalOcean’s $100 of free credit on their free tier (link), which will give you up to 20 months of free usage for the bot if you select the smallest droplet size.

Quick Start

If you want to run your own dYdX alert bot, follow the “Run from Docker” instructions in the usage guide. You can also watch a video guide for setting up the alerts bot by following along here.

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This project is hosted under an MIT OpenSource License. Neither the Xenophon Labs LLC, nor dYdX Trading Inc, nor any dYdX affiliated company, are liable for any consequences associated with running the dYdX Alerts software, including but not limited to being liquidated without being notified or security breaches on the environment where you run the software. This is an experimental product, and users should practice caution when using it.